Model Support Centers
At the Model Support Center, we cultivate innovation by setting up Centers of Excellence, enabling effective agri-planning and monitoring, promoting Climate Smart Agriculture, and sharing International Best Practices for sustainable food security.
The Big Picture In Numbers
OIC Food Wastage Per Anum
This range indicates the shocking level of food mismanagement within OIC countries, emphasizing the need for improved logistics and storage.
In OIC Countries
This number represents the significant subset of OIC member countries classified as Low-Income Food Deficit Countries, facing severe food security challenges.
Decline In Agricultural GDP From 11.8
The share of agriculture in the total GDP of OIC countries has gradually declined from 11.3% in 2000 to 9.8% in 2018. This is partly due to structural transformation, agricultural market instability, etc.
Key Trends Across OIC Countries
MSCs emerge as a multifaceted solution that resonates with the unique challenges faced by OIC member countries. The comprehensive framework of MSCs encompasses an array of specialized units designed to fortify and revolutionize agricultural practices. By offering integrated support across various stages of the agricultural value chain, MSCs directly address the gaps in knowledge and training that have contributed to the food security crisis in LIFDCs.
The analysis underscores the urgent need for transformative solutions like MSCs within OIC member countries to combat food security challenges effectively.
Transformative Solutions
Inadequate storage and logistics systems exacerbate vulnerabilities in food supply chains, emphasizing the need for solutions that can optimize distribution processes and reduce waste.
The description of underdeveloped processes reveals the depth of challenges within the agricultural sector in processes.
Complex Agriculture
Distribution Inefficiencies
Model Support Centers to evolve agricultural ecosystem in OIC
Model Support Centers (MSCs), a pivotal component of the food security ecosystem to combat multifaceted challenges across agriculture, livestock, and fisheries within OIC countries. These centers are envisioned as comprehensive solutions, strategically designed to address pressing issues of the farmers.
Center Of Excellence
A transformative hub for farmers, offering knowledge, storage, testing, seeds, processing, transport, health, workforce, finance, and organic farming support, revolutionizing agricultural practices across OIC countries.
Agri-Planning & Monitoring Hub
A strategic hub offering crop selection, livestock development, and technology integration, fostering efficient, sustainable, and profitable farming practices across OIC countries.
Climate Smart Agriculture
Equipping farmers to thrive despite climate change challenges through salinity-resistant crops, seeds, weather insights, and agroforestry, fostering resilience and sustainable productivity across OIC countries.
International Best Practices
Elevating farming standards by offering hands-on training, tools, GLOBAL Gap certification, water management, pest control, vertical farming, and more, ensuring OIC farmers thrive with globally recognized agricultural techniques.
Model Support Centers
A New Era: Agri-Public Private Partnerships (Ag-PPP)
A new paradigm is to use Agricultural Public Private Partnership (Ag-PPP) to achieve wider and sustainable impacts, The main goal of PPPs is to leverage the strengths and resources of each partner to achieve sustainable and inclusive Agri growth.
PPPs can help to mitigate risk in agriculture by leveraging the strengths and resources of different partners and stakeholders.
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