Industry Development
Industry Development thrives on Product Innovation, Strategic Branding, Efficient Processing, Premium Quality, and Precision Assurance, sculpting a robust food ecosystem.
The Big Picture In Numbers
Inactive Working Class
The high percentage of inactive working-age individuals emphasizes the need for strategies to boost employment and economic participation.
Youth Unemployed
The sizable proportion of disconnected youth underscores the urgency of initiatives aimed at economic integration and skills enhancement.
Among top 100 Global Food Brands
Inspite of producing 30% of global food, there is not a single food brand from OIC countries in top 100 global food brands. This statistic highlights the critical need for intervention to bolster the food industry's standing in OIC countries.
Key Trends In Industrial Development
Compounding these challenges is the fact that several OIC countries heavily rely on agriculture without fully developed food processing industries. This limits the value addition that can be derived from their agricultural sectors, ultimately affecting economic growth and exacerbating food security concerns. A comprehensive Industry Development strategy emerges as a compelling solution to address these multifaceted issues and unleash the potential that lies within the food industry of OIC countries.
Our analysis emphasizes the need for holistic strategies that drive sustainable, inclusive, and impactful change in the food industry landscape of OIC countries to achieve economic growth, food security, and sustainable development.
Comprehensive Solutions
This fact underlines the limitations imposed by the lack of developed food processing industries, affecting economic growth and food security.
The Industry Development approach, consisting of four strategic initiatives - Product Development & Innovation, Brand Positioning & Marketing, Food Processing & Packaging, and Quality Assurance - presents a comprehensive framework.
The Strategy
Food Processing Ignored
Fostering Industrial Development across OIC Countries
The food industry within the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries stands at a pivotal juncture, marked by challenges that necessitate urgent strategic intervention for transformative change. The current landscape reveals a striking absence of OIC companies among the global food industry's top 100 players. This startling reality underscores the need for a strategic Industry Development approach.
Product Development
Product Development & Innovation is vital for the food industry's growth and competitiveness, focusing on enhancing the quality and range of goods produced within the OIC.
Brand Positioning | Marketing
Brand Positioning & Marketing plays a pivotal role in promoting OIC food companies and products both domestically and internationally.
Food Processing & Packaging
Food Processing & Packaging is essential for OIC countries to optimize their food processing capabilities, implement sustainable packaging solutions, and develop a skilled workforce.
Premiumization is a strategic approach that transforms raw materials into high-quality, distinctive, and unique food products, enhancing their value and global market potential.
Industry Development
A New Era: Agri-Public Private Partnerships (Ag-PPP)
A new paradigm is to use Agricultural Public Private Partnership (Ag-PPP) to achieve wider and sustainable impacts, The main goal of PPPs is to leverage the strengths and resources of each partner to achieve sustainable and inclusive Agri growth.
PPPs can help to mitigate risk in agriculture by leveraging the strengths and resources of different partners and stakeholders.
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