Our goal is to build capacities for a resilient and sustainable food security system, and improve the lives of communities around the world.
Welcome to the future of Food Security
Almukarrmah is a socio-economic venture and Strategic Implementation partner to the Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS). Since 2019, we have been at the forefront of revolutionizing the global commerce landscape and driving economic empowerment within the Muslim world.

Our goal is to build capacities to create a resilient and sustainable food security system, shape the future of global commerce and economic empowerment thereby promoting economic growth and improving the lives of OIC communities.
Almukarramah is the exclusive strategic and implementation partner of Islamic Organisation for Food Security (IOFS), committed to serving 57 OIC countries.
Our Social Goal
OIC country farmers face restricted access to both local and global markets, leading to lower crop prices and dependency on intermediaries. It is an important goal for us to get full dollar value to the farmer by challenging roadblocks.
Full Dollar to Farmer
OIC countries waste food worth of $350 Billion every year. This is the food which is wasted before it reaches the fork. Our food security eco-system, and value programs address meaningful ways to achieve this goal.
Reduce Food Wastage
There is not a single food brand from OIC countries in top 100 global food brands. Building entrepreneurs across OIC countries is a goal for us, and our ecosystem, and value programs address meaningful ways to achieve this goal.
Foster Entrepreneurs
Product Development & Innovation are instrumental for the food industry's growth and competitiveness within the OIC. This service encompasses a range of strategies and initiatives aimed at improving the quality and variety of food products.
Enhance OIC Products
OIC Countries have food supply for 74 days only. Our food security ecosystem addresses our goal, and meaningful ways to enhance food security, through capacity building.
Enhance Food Security
Intra-trade brings stability through Price Stability, empowering farmers with Contractual Farming, fostering balanced Trade Agreements, and amplifying impact through effective Lobbying & Advocacy, ensuring food security for all.
Improve OIC Intratrade
The Big Picture in Numbers in OIC Countries
Annual Food Waste
Estimated Halal Market Worth By 2028
Food Reserve
Of farmers use
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Almukarramah, and IOFS solidify their partnership with an MOU
On 23 June 2023, the Islamic Organization for Food Security and AlMukarramah came together with a shared objective: to foster a strategically curated ecosystem that generates tangible outcomes, propelling Organization of Islamic Cooperation ( OIC ) Member States towards sustainable food security.

Al Mukarramah, as a strategic implementation partner, sealed its commitment to enhancing IOFS food security programs in the agricultural sectors and related industries in all OIC Member States. A multitude of collaborative opportunities have been identified, encompassing crucial areas such as Product Development and Innovation, Value-added products, Distribution Hubs, Special Agricultural Zones (SAZs), Cooperative stores, AgriTech, Access to markets, Contract Farming, Agri Centre of Excellence, Trade Platforms, Fisheries, Logistics, and Entrepreneurship. This exclusive partnership signifies a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainable food security, representing an important step forward in the collaboration between IOFS and Al Mukarramah.
Our Value Programs
Trade 57: The Future Of Food Trading
Connecting Suppliers, Farmers Traders
Trade57 platform is designed to utilize new technologies and establish connections between farmers, buyers,Governments, food processors, suppliers and other stakeholders within the value chain, streamlining market data
Powerful, user-friendly smart app
Creating a user-friendly smart app that connects farmers, buyers and suppliers. This platform enables an end-to-end transaction for all the stakeholders.
Providing governments with real-time insights
By providing updated food pricing details, Trade57 enables governments and traders to get powerful insights on the big picture of updated commodity pricing in OIC countries, hence, build a better decisions on solid ground and a timely manner.
Almukarrmah Ecosystem: The Next Level in Food Security
Mobilizing communities, industries, resources, innovations, and institutions, M.I.R.C.I represents the roadmap to a brighter future, where food security is a revolutionized for all.

Nations are facing critical challenges in ensuring food security, trade balance, and economic growth. To address these challenges comprehensively and promote sustainable development, there is a compelling need to establish a new ecosystem for food security.
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