The exclusive strategic and implementation partner of Islamic Organisation for Food Security (IOFS), committed to serving 57 OIC countries.
Read more about our food security ecosystem that has started to create waves across OIC countries.
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Our goal is to build capacities for a resilient and sustainable food security system, and improve the lives of communities in OIC countries, and beyond
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Our diversified team is committed to change the status-quo in food security industry in OIC countries by formulating disruptive strategy, and implementing it to generate meaningful impact.
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Objective Key Results (OKR) Methodology
This strategic approach ensures effective utilization of resources, promotes accountability, and facilitates the achievement of key objectives and measurable outcomes. Implementing the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) methodology within the context of IOFS's strategy can provide a structured approach to achieving its mission and objectives.
Head of Design
Zaid Maqel Adi
Chief Corporate Governance Officer
Dr. Mohamed Bashir Kharrubi
Chief Communication Officer
Muneeb Hanbali
Chief Technology Officer
Abdul Bari Kareem
Chief Media & PR Officer
Basit Khan
Chairman / Chief Executive Officer
Afzal Hussain
Our amazing team makes us who we are. They are committed to challenge the status-quo to improve the lives with massive impact. They share the same values in a diverse setting.
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