Special Agri-Zones (SAZs)
SAZs are geographically specific areas optimized for food security, attracting investment and shielding from political disruptions to boost agricultural productivity and self-sustainability.
Productivity & Sustainability
SAZs have the potential to significantly increase agricultural productivity and income, as demonstrated in other countries, where farmers' income increased by over 30%. They can elevate OIC countries' global agricultural rankings and contribute to achieving self-sustainability in food production.
Investment Protection
Transformative Approach
Special Agri Zones (SAZs) offer a transformative approach to boost agricultural productivity and self-sustainability in OIC countries by creating geographically specific areas optimized for food security.
SAZs can be directly managed by international organizations like IOFS, ensuring a stable and politically neutral environment. This shields them from local political disruptions, attracting foreign investors and bilateral investments to these regions.
Special Agri Zones (SAZs) represent a transformative approach towards fostering agricultural growth in OIC countries. They comprise geographically specific areas within a country which are immune to any regional and global conflicts, they are optimized and developed purely for food security pursuits. By aligning SAZs with Strategic Commodities, these zones could effectively manage the supply and demand dynamics that currently undermine global food security.
One key aspect of SAZs is that they could be managed directly by the OIC and administered by IOFS. This direct involvement of international organizations ensures a stable, politically neutral environment, shielding them from any local political disruption. Consequently, foreign investors or bilateral countries’ investments are assured and well-protected, which would, in turn, attract more investments in these regions.
A Look Into Special Agri-Zones (SAZs)
A New Era: Agri-Public Private Partnerships (Ag-PPP)
A new paradigm is to use Agricultural Public Private Partnership (Ag-PPP) to achieve wider and sustainable impacts, The main goal of PPPs is to leverage the strengths and resources of each partner to achieve sustainable and inclusive Agri growth.
PPPs can help to mitigate risk in agriculture by leveraging the strengths and resources of different partners and stakeholders.
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