Cooperative Stores
These stores unite growers, optimize marketing channels, enhance competitiveness, and foster intra-OIC trade.
Full of potential
These stores offer transparency, economic opportunities, risk mitigation, and expanded market access for individual growers.
Interconnected network
Empowering Growers
Cooperative Stores serve as powerful platforms that empower individual growers by enhancing productivity and optimizing marketing channels, ultimately improving the competitiveness of local growers globally.
Cooperative Stores, when interconnected across OIC countries, create a vast network connecting growers and consumers. This connectivity promotes intra-OIC trade, enabling products from one country to be available in Cooperative Stores across the region.
Cooperative Stores represent powerful platforms that bring individual growers together, fostering increased business productivity and yields. They serve as crucial elements in streamlining the supply chain and optimizing marketing channels at a business level. By ensuring fair pricing and maintaining product quality, these stores can substantially enhance the competitiveness of local growers on a global scale. Furthermore, the interconnected nature of Cooperative Stores across various OIC countries creates an expansive network of growers and consumers, facilitating intra-OIC trade.
This connectivity allows products from one OIC country to be showcased and accessible in Cooperative Stores across the region, promoting economic collaboration. Beyond improving transparency and offering economic opportunities, these stores serve as risk mitigators, fostering shared risk and reward among growers while expanding market access for individual farmers. Cooperative Stores are poised to become catalysts for economic growth and increased competitiveness within the agricultural landscape of OIC countries.
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A New Era: Agri-Public Private Partnerships (Ag-PPP)
A new paradigm is to use Agricultural Public Private Partnership (Ag-PPP) to achieve wider and sustainable impacts, The main goal of PPPs is to leverage the strengths and resources of each partner to achieve sustainable and inclusive Agri growth.
PPPs can help to mitigate risk in agriculture by leveraging the strengths and resources of different partners and stakeholders.
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