A Landmark Partnership

In a significant move aimed at enhancing global food security and agricultural development, the Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS) and AlMukarramah have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This partnership, signed on June 23, 2023, between these two key entities, will pave the way for an exclusive collaboration in various vital sectors of agriculture and food security. The MOU outlines a comprehensive strategy for the next decade, with a strong focus on cooperation in Special Agricultural Zones, Distribution Hubs, Contract Farming, Entrepreneurship, Fisheries, Halal standards, Logistics, and more.


IOFS is a renowned international organization dedicated to promoting food security and agricultural development among its member countries. On the other hand, AlMukarramah has established itself as a strategic partner committed to enhancing food security programs in the agricultural sector and related industries. With a shared vision for addressing global food security challenges, both organizations have joined hands to bring about significant positive changes in the agricultural landscape.

Extent & Nature Of Cooperation

Special Agri Zones (SAZs): AlMukarramah will collaborate with IOFS member countries to identify, develop, and manage SAZs aimed at increasing agricultural and livestock productivity, encouraging investments, and creating job opportunities.

Distribution Hubs: AlMukarramah will establish strategically located distribution hubs to streamline the movement of agricultural products, reduce post-harvest losses, and enhance supply chain management.

Contract Farming: The partnership will promote and facilitate contract farming arrangements, ensuring mutually beneficial agreements between farmers and agribusinesses.

Entrepreneurship: AlMukarramah will support and nurture agricultural entrepreneurship, fostering the development of innovative and sustainable agricultural startups and enterprises.

Cooperative Stores: The establishment and operation of hybrid cooperative stores will empower small-scale farmers and local communities while promoting products from member countries.

Product Development and Innovation: AlMukarramah will lead efforts in developing and innovating food products, contributing to increased food production, quality, and sustainability.

Access to Markets: The partnership will facilitate market access for agricultural products from IOFS member countries, expanding trade opportunities through research, networking, and promotional activities.

Fisheries: AlMukarramah will drive development and innovation in the fisheries sector, implementing measures to enhance productivity, sustainability, and value addition.

Promotion of Halal Standards: Initiatives to promote and enhance Halal standards among OIC countries, including certification, quality control, and awareness campaigns, will be a priority.

Logistics Support: AlMukarramah will establish and manage various logistics aspects, including supply chain management, distribution networks, warehousing, and training for relevant stakeholders.
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