A Key Step

A Key Step: Almukarramah & IOFS - To Catalyze Intratrade with NGT based Trade Platform

IOFS and Almukarramah Unite to Revolutionize Agricultural Trade within the OIC
In a concerted effort to bolster food security and promote agricultural trade among the 57 member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS) and Almukarramah have entered into a Letter of Action. This significant move builds upon their shared vision of transforming the agricultural landscape within the OIC and ensuring consistent access to high-quality food.
The Vision Of Trade57 Platform
At the heart of this partnership is the T57 Intra-Trade Application, developed by Almukarramah. This innovative technology platform is poised to revolutionize agricultural trade by facilitating seamless interactions among OIC member countries. The ultimate goal is to enhance food security and ensure that individuals have regular access to sufficient, high-quality food to lead healthy, active lives.
The Vision Of Trade57 Platform
The agreement outlines the Parties' intention to collaborate in several key areas, with potential for expansion:
Trade Policy Facilitation: Facilitating trade policies to streamline agricultural commerce.
Technical Collaboration: Collaborating on technical aspects to enhance trade efficiency.
Integration with IOFS Eco-System: Integrating the T57 platform into IOFS's broader ecosystem for maximum impact.
Capacity Building: Building the capabilities of stakeholders to participate effectively in agricultural trade.
Marketing and Promotion: Promoting the T57 platform to garner wider participation and adoption.
The partnership between IOFS and Almukarramah, as articulated in the Letter of Action, represents a significant step toward enhancing agricultural trade and food security within the OIC. By leveraging innovative technology and collaborative efforts, these organizations aim to make a lasting impact on the well-being of millions of people across the globe.
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