Trade Platform to be launched in 9th OIC Ministerial Conference In Doha

Trade Platform to be launched in 9th OIC Ministerial Conference In Doha

Almukarramah & IOFS to launch landmark Trade platform
Excitement is building in Doha as the State of Qatar prepares to host the 9th Ministerial Conference of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the 6th General Assembly of the Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS) from October 1 to 3, 2023. These high-profile events, organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Municipality, promise to tackle critical issues related to food security, agricultural development, and technological innovation.
OIC Ministerial Conference: "Towards Achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals"
The 9th Ministerial Conference of OIC, scheduled to commence on October 1, will convene under the theme of "Towards Achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals in OIC Member States." The conference will delve into various topics, including reviewing decisions from previous conferences, assessing the agriculture and food security situation in OIC member states, funding agriculture projects, and discussing COMCEC projects and IOFS activities. Key highlights also include addressing agricultural institutions within OIC and approving conference decisions and reports.
6th General Assembly of IOFS: Shaping Food Security Policies
The 6th General Assembly of IOFS, set to take place on October 2-3, is expected to bring together agriculture ministers and experts from OIC member states, along with representatives from international organizations. This assembly represents a crucial decision-making summit within IOFS, providing a platform for sharing ideas and collaborative efforts aimed at strengthening food security in member states.
Simultaneous High-Level Forum: Advancing Sustainable Food Systems
Running concurrently with the IOFS General Assembly, the 2nd high-level forum will reaffirm IOFS's commitment to sustainable food systems. It will serve as a dynamic platform for dialogue among multiple stakeholders, emphasizing advanced agricultural technologies, scientific research, smart farming, and transformative food supply chains. Additionally, the forum will focus on empowering young people for sustainable food systems.

The high-level forum consists of three key segments:

Agricultural Technology for Food Security: Discussing the role of technology in boosting agricultural production, water management, organic farming, and emerging technologies in food production.

Engaging Civil Society: Exploring the involvement of civil society in combating food insecurity, women's empowerment in agriculture, the impact of urbanization on food security, and the pivotal role of young people.

Strengthening Foodstuff Markets: Promoting trade and cooperation to enhance food security, reviewing the development of the national food sector, and investments in food and agricultural projects within member states.
As the countdown to these significant events begins, Qatar's commitment to shaping the future of food security and agricultural development within the OIC remains steadfast, and the global community eagerly anticipates the positive outcomes that will emerge from this gathering of minds and experts.
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